Five Tips on Staying Healthy Throughout National Nutrition Month

By: Matt Fay, Stonehill College

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? Since March is here, we’ve put together five tips on staying healthy.

  1. Reducing sugar intake

Who does not love sugar? Whether it be adding sugar to your morning coffee or in many

person holding doughnut with sprinkles

tasty treats that we love to snack on. The point is we love the taste of sugar! However, many pre-packaged foods come with lots of sugar. Consuming too much sugar can increase your risk for diabetes and other diseases. Instead, try to look for foods that are sugar-free or even low in sugar.

  1. Cutting Back on Salt

Salt is another mineral that is found is a lot of pre-packaged foods, and many Americans consume a lot of salt. It also can increase your chances of developing diseases. One way of limiting your salt intake is prepping your meals instead; That way you can control how much you put in to your meals.

  1. Eating Breakfast

Breakfast is a meal that people often skip in the morning due to their habit of hurrying out the door. It is shown that having a nutritious breakfast can go long ways in your day. If you ever find yourself in a rush to leave in the morning, then try considering

black ceramic bowl filled with cereal

preparing quick foods the night before. Some examples include cutting up fruit, which provides many healthy vitamins and minerals, or hard-boiled eggs, which are a good source of protein.

  1. Eating Frequently

This may same unusual but skipping meals throughout the day can lead to excessive cravings later on in the day. For example, skipping breakfast can lead you to feeling hungry in the middle of the day, making it more likely that you’ll pick up something quick and unhealthy. Try preparing healthy snacks to get you throughout the day, like a cup of yogurt, vegetables and dip, apple slices and peanut butter, and more.

  1. Increase your Water Intake

Have you ever experienced yourself feeling dehydrated throughout the day? Water is one of many great fluids to help you hydrate. Drinking water has many health benefits

water pouring on glass

that can go a long way in your health. Health professionals say that people should drink up to a half of gallon of water, which is equivalent to 8 cups.  A great way of drinking enough of water is by using a reusable water bottle, that way you can fill up at any time of the day.

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