Steps to Take to Prevent the Flu

By Nadia Nasah, Bridgewater State University

According to the CDC, between October 1, 2018, and February 23, 2019, it is estimated that up to 23.6 million flu illnesses occurred and resulted in the hospitalization of approximately 302,000 people. It also took the lives of 26,700 individuals. The statistics can seem scary but there are ways to reduce the chances of getting the flu!

Here is how:

close up of white syringe

  1. Get the Flu Vaccine! Getting the flu vaccine is by far the most effective way to prevent the flu. The vaccine is most effective in children and protects the vulnerable. The flu vaccine is never 100% effective, but it does lessen the effect and reduces complications. You are better off getting the vaccine!
  2. Avoid contact with sick people! Try to keep your distance from sick people to avoid spreading the flu to yourself. While sick try to limit contact with others.
  3. Cover your sneeze! Even when not sick, you should always cover your sneeze with your elbows. If you use your hands to cover your sneeze, make sure to wash your hands immediately. In addition, it is crucial to keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. This is how germs spread!short red hair woman blowing her nose
  4. Clean Surfaces! It is important to disinfect surfaces such as kitchen countertops, doorknobs, cell phones, and anything you handle every day to avoid the spread of germs!
  5. Never, ever take Antibiotics! If you do end up getting the flu it is important to take the antiviral medicine your doctor prescribes you. Never take antibiotics as they are not effective against the flu. The flu is caused by a virus, not bacteria. Antibiotics are meant to be taken to battle bacterial infections, not viral!


Want to know more about the flu?

Please visit track flu activity and surveillance, visit

Stay safe!



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