Apps For Diabetes Management

By: Nadia Nasah

The age of the smartphones has led to the new age of applications, or Apps for short. There are apps for everything nowadays. We have the ability to entertain ourselves with games, online magazines, movie apps, photo editing apps, health apps, and apps for just about anything you can think of! There are even apps that can help people manage their diabetes. In this post, I will be looking at various apps that do just that.

  1. Glucose Buddy:
    1. The app allows you to Log: blood glucose level, carbohydrate intake, doses of medications, A1C results, exercise etc.mysugr
    2. Pros: Offers reminders for blood glucose checks and to take medication
    3. Cons: Does not sync with meters, only allows Apple users to sync their app to the Glucose Buddy Website, and there is no way to back up data entered.
    4. Price: Free
  2. MySugr Diabetes Logbook
    1. This app was created by individuals who themselves are inflicted with diabetes and therefore uses a more personal form of feedback to keep people on track and on top of their health. This app allows users to log their blood glucose levels, monitor carb intake, track the use of insulin, and provides positive and motivational feedback to help people cope with diabetes. This app is targeted for people that have either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.
    2. Pros: This app generates health reports for your health care provider!
    3. Cons: It does not sync with blood glucose meters or insulin pumps, must buy MySugr PRO to be able to generate Health Reports as PDFs
    4. Cost: Free
      1. MySugr PRO: $2.99 per month or $27.99 per year
      2. MySugr PRO with in-app counselling by certified diabetes educator (Apple only for now): $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year
  3. Diabetes Connect
    1. This app allows users to record as well as keep track of blood glucose levels, meals, insulin injections, medications, and more! This app was also created by people inflicted with diabetes for other people with diabetes, both Type and Type 2.
    2. Pros: This app allows users to use the app or to log on to the apps online portal to download the data and reports to take to their next appointment with their health care provider!
    3. Cons: The app does not sync with meters, CGMs, or even insulin pumps. In addition, only premium users get reminders for taking medications, insulin, or blood glucose measurements
    4. Cost: Free
      1. Premium Membership: $1.99 per month, $16.99 per year (only for Apple users and soon to be discontinued)
      2. One Time Fee: $26.99 (Apple) or $29.99 (Android)
  4. Sugar SenseSugar Tracker.jpg
    1. This app allows users to keep track and logs blood glucose levels, carbohydrate intake, and even weight. Its use is intended for those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.
    2. Pros: This app provides users with a community support forum for people with type 2 diabetes and offers valuable diabetes prevention information.
    3.  Android users. Also, just like with the other apps, it does not sync with CGMs and pumps.
    4. Cost: Free
  5. One Drop
    1. This App allows users to log food and exercise and offers peer and expert support. This app is intended for people with type 1 diabetes and insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes.
    2. Pros: This app wirelessly with the One Drop Chrome meter, insulin pumps, and CGMs.
    3. Cons: For an additional $99.95, One Drop Premium includes the One Drop Chrome blood glucose monitoring system, which includes a meter, lancing device, 10 lancets, 100 test strips, and a carrying case.
    4. Cost: Free
      1. One Drop Premium: $39.95 per month (includes One Drop diabetes management app, One Drop Chrome blood glucose monitoring system, unlimited test strips delivered by mail, and 24/7 in-app text messaging support from certified diabetes educators.
      2. For One Drop Chrome System: One-time $99.95 fee
  6. Diabetes and Glucose Tracker (Apple); Diabetes and Diet Tracker (Android)gluose tracker
    1. This app is for diabetes management and weight loss and works the exact same way in both Apple and Android devices despite the two different names. This app provides a log for keeping track of blood glucose readings, A1C results, food, exercise, blood pressure readings, and medication use. In addition, this app provides reminders to check blood glucose levels. This app is also intended for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
    2. Pros: After logging in the food and exercise, the app provides you with more personalized advice and support to help keep you right on track!
    3. Cons: Does not allow for syncing with CGMs and insulin pumps and it is not free.
    4. Price: One-time fee of $9.99, $60 per year (or $9 per month) for the maximum version of the app, which is available for purchase in the app.
  7. BG Monitor Diabetes:
    1. This app provides insulin bolus calculation and blood glucose levels as well as trends. The app is intended for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
    2. Pros: It is very easy to log in data entries and to see your blood glucose levels. The developers of this app are continuously improving their app based on user reviews.
    3. Cons: This app is only available for Android devices and it does not sync with meters, CGMs, or insulin pumps.
    4. Cost: Free.
      1. Upgrade to Pro: One-time fee of $4.99.





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